Areas of practice

Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team advises clients on how to prevent and resolve complex disputes, providing support during negotiations and representing clients from various industries in local and federal courts at all levels. Additionally, we have experience in litigation and disputes with international implications. Some of the firm’s partners have experience as arbitrators and litigators in various arbitration or dispute resolution proceedings, whether conducted in Mexico or abroad before arbitration institutions and organizations.

Our practice is led by lawyers with a pragmatic approach, aiming to design effective litigation strategies while minimizing legal contingencies. The lawyers in the team collaborate with other practice areas within the firm, as well as with experts, advising on client defense, occasionally providing legal opinions on contracts, and evaluating legal contingencies.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

The scope of our litigation practice includes general civil and commercial litigation matters, including but not limited to claims for damages, moral damages, corporate disputes, shareholder conflicts, commercial insolvency, class actions, restructurings, and settlement agreements, among others.

Our lawyers have developed expertise in:

  • Class actions
  • Cybersecurity and conflicts related to technology
  • Contracting and public tenders
  • Corporate and M&A disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Homologation and enforcement of judgments
  • Banking and financial litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Competition law litigation
  • Data protection litigation
  • Consumer protection litigation
  • Restructurings and insolvency

Constitutional and Administrative Litigation

The firm’s experience includes representing clients in any type of dispute with administrative authorities, including administrative proceedings, contentious proceedings at both local and federal levels, and constitutional litigation through Amparo trials against laws, regulations, regulatory measures, decrees, and administrative acts.

We also advise our clients on government contracting, including in tender procedures, as well as in implementing defense mechanisms against calls and terms of public tenders, rulings, sanctions (disqualifications and fines), administrative rescission, among others.

Our lawyers have developed expertise in:

  • Analysis of challenging laws and regulations in highly regulated industries through direct and indirect Amparo trials.
  • Advisory to government agencies regarding the structure and announcement of public tenders.
  • Regulatory advice on compliance with obligations arising from concessions, permits, or authorizations; public-private partnership contracts, among others.
  • Matters related to obtaining and maintaining permits, authorizations, and concessions.
  • Constitutional disputes.
  • General declaration of unconstitutionality.
  • Defense strategy against acts of authority.
  • Interpretation and scope of public and regulatory law aspects.
  • Amparo trials and appeals.
  • Litigation before federal and local administrative tribunals, including the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Administrative and contentious proceedings related to disputes in banking, data protection, consumer protection, telecommunications, broadcasting, media, energy, technology, among others.
  • Public procurement procedures, including public tenders.

Arbitration and Mediation

The lawyers in our team are experienced arbitrators, mediators, and other qualified neutrals in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, including several team partners who have been appointed as arbitrators in landmark cases. We have a vast network in the third-party financing industry that allows our clients to review and understand their possible options when seeking alternative financing agreements.

The practice has developed expertise in:

  • Dispute resolution among shareholders.
  • Representation in national and international arbitration proceedings.
  • Negotiations to prevent potential litigation.
  • Drafting and negotiating arbitration and mediation clauses in contracts and interpreting them.
  • Analysis and recommendation of ADR methods when disputes arise, according to the underlying business scenario.
  • Design and implementation of cost-effective and feasible ADR strategies in pre-litigation stages to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Our firm founded the country’s most important mediation organization, the Mexican Mediation Institute, which drafted mediation rules as an alternative method of dispute resolution. More than forty leading firms are members, evolving into an open forum for dialogue and discussion among law firms in Mexico.

Relevant Matters: Civil and Commercial Litigation
Relevant Matters: Constitutional and Administrative Litigation
Relevant Matters: Arbitration and Mediation
  • Multinational oil and gas company in relation to a potential investment treaty case against the Mexican government under NAFTA and USMCA.
  • Multinational oil and gas company in negotiating new arbitration clauses under ICC Rules because of an update to the old UNCITRAL Rules originally agreed upon, arising from an agreement for the importation of regasified natural gas in northern Mexico.
  • Multinational oil and gas company in negotiating internal remedies against the refusal or lack of response from the Ministry of Energy to import permits requested by the corporation.
  • Independent tank storage company in constitutional challenges against rules preventing it from obtaining import authorization to safeguard its rights under applicable investment protection treaties.
  • Mexican subsidiary of Central American investors operating in the gas industry analyzing options arising from damages under the investment protection mechanism of the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement).
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