Diversity and Inclusion

Creation of opportunities to grow and develop professionally and personally

At Gonzalez Calvillo

We envision Diversity and Inclusion not only as a fundamental pillar of the firm, but also as an essential aspect of life and the practice of law

In all our areas, departments, divisions, and sectors, we strive for all our members to demonstrate and fulfill their potential without labels or restrictions. Maintaining a healthy work environment free of prejudice is one of our driving forces to achieve the development of our work and, therefore, of the members of the firm.

We believe that diversity and inclusion is not only beneficial for our professional team, but also for our personal and family environment, our clients and society in general.

Our goal is to continue being forerunners in the development of D&I initiatives in the Latin American legal services market, and to aim to make a difference in the role we aspire to play in the attempts to generate tangible results in our work ecosystems.

We want to continue being different from others. Differences and diversity of backgrounds contribute to an environment of solidarity and understanding that makes us all better. We see this reflected in our team, where we always think of having the best talent, seeking to incorporate Diversity and Inclusion in all our daily activities, to challenge ourselves and thus find the best solutions for our clients.

Proudly, in recent months and today more than ever, Gonzalez Calvillo and its collaborators have been pioneering initiatives where, together with various organizations with whom we have cultivated ties and which – like ourselves – believe and share the vision that D&I plays a fundamental role not only in the creation of value propositions, but also in the creation of opportunities to grow and develop professionally and personally, regardless of gender, sexual identity and orientation, race or ethnicity, age, religion, marital or family status, neurotypicality or physical abilities.

Among some of the most relevant activities of our members on Diversity and Inclusion in Mexico and the world, the following stand out

30% Club

The 30% Club is a global initiative of CEOs and executive directors taking action to increase gender diversity on boards and in senior management teams. In Mexico, Gonzalez Calvillo is one of the founders, the only law firm working in its mentoring programme and part of its Best Practices Committee.


For years, men and women of Gonzalez Calvillo have collaborated as part of this gender-promoting association in Mexico.

  • Since 2015, different partners of the firm actively participate in its Mentoring Programme.
  • Currently, we are part of the committee that has been working with UN Women since January 2021 on the creation of the protocol called “Minimum Standards for Diversity and Inclusion in Law Firms in Mexico”.
50/50 Women on Boards

Gonzalez Calvillo is an active member of this initiative and part of its Executive Committee, which stands out as one of the largest global education movements, aimed at seeking gender balance and diversity on corporate boards worldwide.

50/50 Women on Boards™ is the leading global education and advocacy campaign driving the movement toward gender balance and diversity on corporate boards.

Voz Experta
Voz Experta seeks to give visibility to female experts in predominantly male-dominated strategic sectors, as well as to promote women’s participation in high-level forums, particularly in the energy sector.

Among other activities where Gonzalez Calvillo plays a leading role in promoting Diversity and Inclusion, there is


Pamela Velázquez Zambrano


Diversity & and Inclusion Future Leader
Chambers D&I Awards: Latin America 2023

Gonzalez Calvillo


Diversity Initiative of the Year
Latin Lawyer Awards 2022

Hernando Becerra


Most dedicated Program Partner 2022
30% Club

Diana Pineda


Outstanding Contribution to Diversity & Inclusion (Of Counsel/Partner)
Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2021

Diana Pineda


Outstanding Contribution to Diversity & Inclusion (Of Counsel/Partner)
Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2020

Cristina Massa


Gender Diversity Lawyer of the Year for Mexico
Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2019

Cristina Massa


Women in Law Award
Mexico – Chambers & Partners

Cristina Massa


Inspiring Women in Law
Latin Lawyer

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