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Foreign Trade and Customs

Our Foreign Trade & Customs team has developed a comprehensive practice focused on advising domestic and foreign clients from a myriad of industries. Most of them are involved in the import/export of goods for commercialization and manufacturing purposes.

Our experience includes the analysis and interpretation of international treaties and agreements entered by Mexico with countries of diverse regions all over the world.; as well as to implement the legal mechanisms to apply the preferential duties treatment granted by such commercial international agreements (origin certification; disputes and origin verification procedures).

We represent our clients on the defense of administrative-law proceedings related to international unfair trade practices, such as dumping, safeguard, among others.

We advise clients in the preparation of legal strategies to protect its businesses against illegal actions commenced by the customs and tax authorities through administrative and court proceedings. Likewise, we have broad experience in providing legal assistance during audits conducted by Customs and Tax federal and Local authorities.

We have broad experience in designing import and export schemes for companies aiming to benefit from industrial development and temporary import programs offering special tax and duty/tax treatment. (e.g., IMMEX, PROSEC, VAT Certification rule 8, Draw Back).

We assist clients to secure the relevant certifications related to the importation of products required to comply with non-tariff barriers, including lobbying of sensitive issues before government officials and agencies.

We are specialists in the port sector. We provide legal advice to national and international companies during public bidding procedures and during the execution of port concession contracts awarded by public tender. We have experience in assisting our clients during negotiation and mediation procedures for the settlement of disputes arising from the relationship between port operators, assignees, and the port authorities.

Relevant matters: Foreign Trade & Customs
  • GXO Logistics in planning and executing a legal strategy for conducting imports through the utilization of a bonded warehouse and support in preparing the necessary documentation for the submission of an application to obtain an Authorized Economic Operator Certificate.
  • An investment group that owns manufacturing companies in Mexico in the expansion of its IMMEX program.
  • A leading manufacturer and marketer of tobacco products in the preparation and implementation of a strategy to devices consisting in commercialize tobacco heating systems that, are duly imported and the analysis of the potential violations to the USMCA because of the publication of the Decree prohibiting the circulation and commercialization within Mexico, regardless of their origin, of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Similar Systems without Nicotine, Alternative Nicotine Consumption Systems, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizing devices with similar uses, as well as the solutions and mixtures used in such systems.
  • One of the world’s largest convenience hardware company in a Customs Proceeding overseen by the Ministry of Finance of a local government in which a substantial quantity of imported goods was confiscated.
  • A multinational technology company focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence, concerning the import strategy for electronic goods. Our role encompassed providing guidance on adhering to non-tariff regulations during the importation and cross-border transportation of these electronic products from the US to Mexico.
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